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Techie Magazine 2009

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CEO connect session for YI MEMBERS

The meeting with Mr. Sarath Babu, CEO of Food King catering services on 27.05.'11 at hotel “The Metropole” as part of CEO connect session enthralled the Student members of Young Indians who actively engaged themselves in the session. Mr. Sarath opined that entrepreuners are not born and one can always thrive in business with sheer hardwork, courage, and dedication. Citing his own success story, he revealed that economic status is not always a constraint that pulls down the progress of an able individual. He also added that one can begin a business in a small scale and later escalate greater heights. Mr. Babu also interacted with our students and asked about their future prospects and also promised them to seek his help regarding their queries in becoming entrepreneurs.

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An Interactive session on “How To Manage Stress” for members of Young Indians comprising of I, II, and III yr. Students was organised on 28.4.'11 at Vickram College of Engineering, Enathi. The proceedings were initiated by Dr. S.Kathirrvelu, Principal and Dr. Dheep, Founder, Chairman of TOP KIDS addressed the gathering and shared the vitality of leading a balanced, stress-free life. He also insisted on the necessity of being optimistic and pragmatic. It is hoped to conduct many more meetings to the members of Young Indians and thereby lay a platform for enhancing their leadership abilities.

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                       A Special Lecture Session on “Know Your National Anthem” was organised by the college on 9th April, 2011 in the conference hall at 11.30 a.m, for the benefit of the students of all branches. Dr. Dheep- Founder/ Chairman and Managing Director- Topkids was the Chief-Guest and the resource person for the programme.The Principal welcomed the gathering. Ms.Karthikeyani,Senior Lecturer, Department of English introduced the Chief-Guest to the gathering. Dr. Dheep started the session with a brief introduction of his organisation and said that the growth of any individual is based on the three factors i.e 'Energising Body, Empowering Mind and ultimately giving rise to Enlightening Life'. He asked the students to lend their valuable support to Mr. Anna Hazare in curbing corruption. Then with the use of power point presentation, he explained word by word the meaning of the National Anthem. He further said that the National Anthem must be sung between 48 and 52 seconds and stressed upon the correct pronunciation of the words while singing National Anthem. He ended his presentation by saying “One must sing National Anthem with patriotic feeling and bear in mind the sacrifices of the freedom fighters for the sake of the country”. Ms. Hemadarshini, Senior Lecturer, Department of English proposed a vote of thanks.

Dr. Dheep,Chairman-TOPKIDS addressing the students and the staff


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Applause to the winners of Nano

Selvi. R.Subhashni (I Yr CSE) and selvi.R.Bavithra
(I Yr CSE) presented the Physics Paper about Nanotechnology at MAM College of Engineering -Trichy and Won II Prize (Rs.1500) on 30/3/11 and also presented the paper about Recent trends in Nanotechnology at Mokambigai college of Engineering and Won II Prize (Rs.750) among 30 participants on 26/3/11.
Selvi. R.Subhashni (I Yr CSE) presented the related topics of Nanotechnology four times and Won the Prizes in all presentation.
Selvi. R.Subhashni takes Nano effort to spread our college name in various districts.
We wish her to continue the success in the future also.

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            One day, a train was approaching the small town of Cheekyville. On the train was a strange guy with a big suitcase. He was called William Warbler - the man, not the suitcase - and he looked very common indeed. What made him most unusual, though, was the fact that whenever he needed to communicate he did it by singing opera. It didn't matter to William whether it was simply a matter of answering a brief greeting, like 'good day'. He would clear his voice and respond,

                                               "Gooood dayyy to youuuuuuuu..... tooOOOO!"

            It wouldn't be unfair to say that almost everyone considered William Warbler a massive pain in the neck. No one could get a normal, spoken, word out of him. And, as no one knew how he made his living - and he lived quite simply, always wearing his same old second-hand suit - they often treated him with disdain.

           They made fun of his singing, calling him 'Don No One', 'Poor-Rotti', and 'Lazy Miserables'. William had been in Cheekyville for some years, when, one day, a rumour spread round town like wildfire: William had secured a role in a very important opera in the nation's capital, and there were posters everywhere advertising the event. Everyone in the capital went to see it, and it was a great success. At the end of its run - to everyone in Cheekyville's surprise - when William was being interviewed by reporters, he answered their questions by speaking rather than singing. And he did it with great courtesy, and with a clear and pleasant voice.

           From that day, William gave up singing at all hours. Now he did it only during his stage appearances and world tours. Some people suspected why he had changed, but others still had no idea, and continued believing him to be somewhat mad. They wouldn't have thought so if they had seen what William kept in his big suitcase. It was a large stone, with a hand-carved message on it.

           The message said: "Practice, my boy. Practice every second, for you never know when your chance will come."


Little did people realise that he only got the role in the opera because the director had heard William singing while out buying a newspaper.


Dear readers, the crowd will never know your steps, moves, efforts nor the way how you strive to attain your destination. Mind that the crowd knows to speak in group: they are just mere voices amongst the many... Think & reflect!!!


Thanks for reading!

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Our I yr. Students PRIYANKA VASAN N (ECE) & SUBHASHNI R (CSE) presented papers in Physics at TRP College of Engineering, Trichy and got I prize in it along with the cash award of Rs. 2500. They also got III prize in the Quiz & was presented with certificates. We wish them on their effort to reach out of the college & evolve successfully!

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Article by Harsha Bhogle on Sachin

 Remember when you failed an examination. How many people recall that, your class, friends, relatives? You failed to make it to the IITs or IIMs. Who remembers. How many times have you had the feeling of being the best in your class, school , university, state….., you failed to get a visa stamped this quarter…, you missed a promotion this year…, how did it feel when you dad told you in your early twenties that you are good for nothing…..and now your boss tell you the same... You keep introspecting and go into a shell when people most of whom don’t matter a dime in your life criticize you, back bite you, make fun of you. You are left sad and shattered and you cry when your own kin scoffs at you. You say I am feeling low today. It takes a lot from us to come out of these everyday situations and move on. A lot??? really? Now here’s a man standing on the third man boundary in the last over of a world cup match. The bowler just has to bowl sensibly to win this game. What the man at the boundary sees is 4 rank bad bowls bowled without any sense of focus, planning or regret. India loses, yet again in those circumstances when he has done just about everything right. He does not cry. Does not show any emotion. Just keeps his head down and leaves the field. He has seen these failures for 22 years now. And not just his class, relatives, friends but the whole world has seen these failures. We are too immature to even imagine what goes on in that mind and heart of his. That’s why I would never want to be Sachin. True, he has single handedly lifted to moods of this entire nation umpteen number of times. He has been an inspiration to rise above our mediocrity. Nobody who has ever lifted the willow even comes close to this man’s genius. His dedication and metal strength is unparallel. This is specially for those people who would have made fun of him again last night when India lost. They are people who are mediocre in their own lives. Who just scoff at others to create cheap fun. Who have lived in a small hole throughout their lives and thought they have seen the oceans. Think about the man himself. He is 37 years of age. He has been playing almost non stop for 22 years. The way he was running and diving around the field last night would have put 22 year olds to shame. The way he played the best opening quickies in the world was breathtaking. He just keeps getting better which is by the way humanly impossible. Its not for nothing that people call him GOD. But still I don’t want to be in those shoes. We struggle in keeping our monotonous lives straight, lives which affect a limited number of people. Imagine what would be the magnitude of the inner struggle for him, pain both mental and physical, tears that have frozen with time, knees and ankles and every other joint in the body that is either bandaged or needs to be attended to every night, eyes that don’t sleep before a big game, bats that have scored 99 international tons and still see expectations from a billion people. And he just converts those expectations into reality. We watch in awe, feel privileged. Well I think its time that his team realizes that enough is enough. They have an obligation, not towards their country alone but towards sachin. They need to win this one for him. Stay assured that he himself will still deliver and leave no stone unturned to make sure India wins this cup. This is not just a game, and he is not just a sportsman. Its much more than this. Words fail here..... --- HARSHA BHOGLE

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congratulations to the Nano-smart achievers


Congratulations to the winners of Physics Paper presentations participated at various colleges.

*R.Subashni (CSE) and N.Prinyanka Vasan Won II Prize at SACS MAVMM College of Engineering on 28/2/11.

*S.Mariazenosinghs (IT) and R.Indu (IT) Won I Prize at
K.L.N.College of Information Technology on 10/3/11.

* R.Subashni (CSE) and N.Prinyanka Vasan Won
I Prize(Rs.2500) at TRB College of Engineering (SRM Group) on 12/3/11.

* R.Subashni(CSE) and N.Prinyanka Vasan Won III (Quiz) Prize at TRB College of Engineering (SRM Group) on 12/3/11.

May your future efforts be equally successful and rewarding.



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Japan's Earthquake's Impact on the Semiconductor Community

Japan earthquake's impact on semiconductor community

March 11, 2011 -- An earthquake of magnitude 8.9 struck today, Friday March 11, at 2:45 PM off the coast of Japan's main island, Honshu. Jim Handy, a director of Objective Analysis semiconductor market research, shares his insights into Japan's semiconductor fabs and the quake's impact range.

Objective Analysis' map, created in 2007, shows most of Japan's semiconductor fabs, with today's earthquake epicenter in northern Japan highlighted. The map will be updated soon with newer fab information.

The Japan earthquake was preceded by a 7.3 temblor on Wednesday near the same area, about 70km off the coast near the city of Sendai. A 6.6 magnitude aftershock also occured today. (Visit Google's Japan earthquake crisis resource page here).

Objective Analysis' map, created in 2007, shows most of Japan's semiconductor fabs, with today's earthquake epicenter in northern Japan highlighted. The map will be updated soon with newer fab information.

While detailed damage assessment is still in early stages, Jim Handy, speaking with senior technical editor Debra Vogler, says that significant structural damage has occured as far south as Tokyo, Japan. There are a number of fabs in northern Honshu that could be severly impacted. Freescale Semiconductor has told Solid State Technology that they evacuated the Senia 6" wafer fab, seen on the map closest to the epicenter of Japan's quake, and do not yet have building damage reports. "We have assembled our emergency task force and are in the process of monitoring and assessing the situation. Our first concern is with all the members of our Freescale family and to ensure the safety of our staff in all our facilities," reported Freescale Semiconductor's representative.

The Samsung/Toshiba fab in Yokkaichi, Japan, supplies over 40% of the world's NAND flash and DRAM chips. While it was stopped during the earthquake, the fab is back up and running. This could affect production and semiconductor supply for up to a couple months. iSuppli reports that the two major DRAM fabs in Japan, operated by U.S.-based Micron and Japan’s Elpida, have not been directly affected, according to preliminary indications from IHS iSuppli contacts. Read IHS iSuppli's preliminary assessment of the Japanese earthquake's impact here.

Objective Analysis anticipates phenomenal price swings and large near-term shortages as a result of this earthquake.

Handy predicts that Renesas fabs could be the most set back by the Japan earthquake, with several in the dangerous area near the epicenter.

Smaller earthquakes in 2008 and 2007 have caused concern for Japan's semiconductor industry. In 1999, a major earthquake in Taiwan (7.6 magnitude) stopped fab operation. In 1989, the

Loma Prieta earthquake (6.9 ) interupted semiconductor production in Silicon Valley.

Demand will be impacted as well since many electronics manufacturers are in Japan, and their consumption of semiconductors will be halted until earthquake damage is repaired.

Objective Analysis is contacting semiconductor companies in Japan and updating its findings after this major natural disaster.

Learn more at www.Objective-Analysis.com

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Solar Wi-Fi Streetlight

The StarSight system provides a series of pylons that use solar panels to power streetlamps, a Wi-Fi box for wireless internet access, and if desired, closed-circuit TVs for security surveillance. The result : an integrated system of electricity and communication, plus better street lighting, which has been shown to help reduce crime.

Developed by : Kolam Partnership Ltd.

Website : starsightproject.com

Launch countries : Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey

Source: National Georaphic, Nov 2010

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