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Career Guidance & Opportunites in I.G.S. & in Defence

         There was a Powerpoint Presentation on Career Guidance & Opportunites in Indian Government Services (I.G.S.) & in Defence, on 12th Feb 2015, in Ramanujam Hall of Vickram College of Engineering, for all the First Year BE Students. The Guest Speaker was Deputy Inspector General, Austine Eapen, of Indo-Tibetan Border Police, Madurai.  He called upon the students to keep empowering themselves with adequate knowledge and skills expected by organizations as only the competent persons thrive, whereas others loose. He emphasised that Engineering degree with skills is very essential for opportunites; Reading is vital for empowerment to learn and to improve; and Empowerment is a continual process, which all professionals should be concerned with.

      D.I.G. Austine Eapen spoke on the developing of leadership skills. The graduates of today are the leaders of future India. Leaders have certain attributes, a clear vision to keep moving forwards, self-confidence, men and women of action, turning their dreams into realities. evolve the right strategies to achieve their goals. The strategy should be maximum utilization of the resources which are available. They have a great role to play in Planning, Policy-making & Decision-making.

        D.I.G. Austine Eapen, further talked about importance of motivation. This inner fire, would engulf their lives and make them great achievers in their lives. Motivation will take us through, knowledge, competency, character, and involvement. A motivated youth's vision and goal directs him to reach the goal of his life.

        He advised the students to explore the possibilities of getting into government services. Students must keep themselves acquainted with the requirements of all competitive examinations conducted by UPSC(Union Public Service Commission). These examinations are conducted every year for emerging graduates from Indian Universities. Engineering graduates should appear for Engineering Services Examinations conducted every year by UPSC. They could also try their competency in IAS & IPS Examinations. He advised the students that they should keep on equipping themselves with all the knowledge and skills associated with these competitive examinations. Up-dation of knowledge and skills is very much vital for getting into a prosperous life. He wished all the students to become successful in their lives, by being goal-oriented strategists.

        Er. Vijay Shreniwas, Managing Director Vickram College of Engineering honoured the Guest. Dr, MS. Vickram Executive Director and Dr. S. Nagarajan, Principal, Vickram College of Engineering participated. Prof. Dr. Anto Pradeep welcomed and Asst Prof. Ms. Megala pronounced the vote of thanks.



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