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Destination Germany --- Study in Germany

German universities offer excellent International Master degree Programs for those of us who seek world class higher education at a very reasonable price. Unlike in USA, UK, Australia, India in many German universities the tuition is free, all you have to pay is for your living in Germany. Study loans can be availed for your living expenses. If you have a dream of higher education and research don't forget to think Germany, not to mention it is the 2nd largest exporter of the world, the third largest economy, a nation which is proud to call itself as a "nation of ideas" and arguably the best in science and technology.  

 Reasons to Study in Germany

  • Excellent education system which built a war torn nation to an economic super power
  • Traditional Universities, hundreds of years old
  • World class Faculty, there is high chance you could bump into a noble laureate
  • Chance to lay hands on world's best instruments and equipments
  • Excellent research opportunities in  
  • Generous research funding
  • Relatively low cost education
  • Internationally very much valued degree
  • Beautiful and Clean living conditions 
  • Chance to learn a European language i.e German
  • Chance to witness or follow a new way of living
  • Chance to Tour Europe and learn about it (of course at your own cost)

 For more information please visit daad.de (ultimate website for international students who wants to pursue higher studies in Germany)


P.S. As a person who had studied and worked in Germany i think i can help a bit in pursuing your higher education in Germany,  if you're interested and if you have any questions do write to me.. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Written by madhu
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Oracle Message



                                                ORACLE MESSAGE




          Smile Life. Happiness% type;


          Select Happiness into smile from Life;



          if pain %found then

             dbms_output.put_line (‘forget & keep going in Life’);


   dbms_output.put_line (‘Keep smiling’);

   dbms_output.put_line (‘All the Best…Do the Best’);

end if;






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