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Awareness on Depression/suicide

There was a Corporate Voice organized in our campus for the benefit of second and third year students on 21st march 2016. The 28th corporate voice had Ms.Sana Iqbal, Corporate trainer in Root cause analysis, Hyderabad Voicing the students on "Suicide Is Not The Solution".

                        Ms.Sana Iqbal, she is a Biker by passion, Corporate trainer by profession and a master's student of Psychology. She is travelling all aloneacross India on Bullet to raise awareness against Suicide and Depression. She have already covered 18000 Kms on her bike(Bullet 350 electra-2007 model) and 55 cities and have conducted 95 sessions with students of various colleges. Her plan is to cover 40000 kms in 5 months covering cities of north east too.

  Her objective was to Address college students on:
• Identification of depression in themselves and their peers
• Overcoming negative thoughts and influence
• Setting priorities in life; the realistic way
• Overcoming the psychological setback of, “Perfect Life”

                            She talked about helping people understand that depression is a part of life and it needs to be dealt with in the right away. Also she conveyedthe message that life is neither a movie or a book where emphasis is on happy ending for a simple reason - Life goes on and movies/books don't. She continued saying that Youth today get concerned about society due to parental pressure. They get scared to talk to people and have an inbuilt fear of being mocked at or rejected. Apart from this also there are various causes because of which, a lot of people don't live their actual personality. Her intention was clear that can be put forth as "no matter how bad the situation is, it can be dealt with!"

                         She also has a facebook page (Suicide is NOT the solution) through which students can get in touch with her and get her advice to tackle their depression.

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