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In the interview conducted on 3-3-2011 by two Managers from Aruna Alloy Steels Pvt Ltd. -- Sri N. Augustin Victor, & Sri M. Murugesan, for Final Year Diploma Students with several arrears, who were prepared to work at the level of the work force.

The following is the list of 24 students who are likely to be given offers on 11th April 2011 by the company staff:


S.No Name of the Student Department
1 Raja Raman, R. Civil
2 Palani, V. Civil
3 Athiraman, A. Civil
4 Boopathi Rajan, N. Civil
5 Rajkumar, P. Civil
6 Chandru Dhayalan, S. CSE
7 Albert Sebastian ECE
8 Naresh Kumar, R. ECE
9 Anganathan, V. ECE
10 Sabaresh Kumar, R.B. ECE
11 Jegankumar, K. Civil
12 Vivek, K. Mech
13 Periakaruppan, S. CSE
14 Joel Godwin, S. Mech
15 Anbarasan, A. CSE
16 Suguram, M. EEE
17 Mohamed Arif, K. Mech
18 Rajesh, K. EEE
19 Raju Dinesh, R. ECE
20 Vignesh, P. Civil
21 Mughesh, R. ECE
22 Prithivi Rajan, G. ECE
23 Sugumar, G. Civil
24 Murugan, R. Civil