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VICKRAMCE offers Comprehensive Engineering Graduation programs in tune with the technological and scientific advancements. The following degree courses are offered, the world famous Anna University will hand out the degree.


  •      Master's degree in Communication Systems (MCS)
  •      Master's degree in Engineering Design (MED)
  •      Master's degree in Computer Science & Engineering (MCS)
  •      Master's degree in Structural Engineering (MSE)
  •      Master's degree in Embedded Systems (MES)


  •      Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering (CIVIL)
  •      Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) (NBA Accredited)
  •      Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) (NBA Accredited)
  •      Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)
  •      Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering (MECH) (NBA Accredited)

All the Bachelor degree courses are 4 years (8 semesters) in duration and all Master degree courses are 2 years (4 semesters) in duration.


What is Electrical and Electronics Engineering?

Electrical and Electronics Engineers deal with the design, production and operation of systems and devices that use electric and electromagnetic energy for sensing, processing, visualization and use of information. Electrical Engineering has grown from its roots in power systems to branches in communications systems, automatic controls, computer hardware, signal processing, semiconductor physics, electronic circuit synthesis, optics, consumer electronics, wireless communications, digital video, integration of computers communications and sensors, robotics and intelligent control.

The course syllabus can be found at http://www.annauniv.edu/academic/Electrical.htm

What is Electronics and Communication Engineering?

Electronics and communication engineering is a hybrid of electrical, electronics and communication engineering.

The course syllabus can be found at http://www.annauniv.edu/academic/IC.htm

What is Computer Science and Engineering?

Computer Science Engineers design and implement computer hardware and software systems to solve a variety of problems in such diverse areas as communications, manufacturing, robotics, computer graphics, databases, and many others. A computer engineer might be involved in fundamental research, hardware design and fabrication, software creation, or systems integration.

The course Syllabus can be found at http://www.annauniv.edu/academic/IC.htm

What is Information Technology?

It is a hybrid branch of engineering dealing with Computer Science and Communication Engineering. A information technology graduate might be involved in computer hardware/software design, software development, dealing with the latest advancements in communication engineering.

The course Syllabus can be found at http://www.annauniv.edu/academic/IC.htm

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering is a broad field of engineering that deals with the planning, construction, and maintenance of fixed structures as they related to earth, water, or civilization and their processes. Most civil engineering today deals with roads, structures, water supply, sewer, flood control, or traffic.

The course Syllabus can be found at http://www.annauniv.edu/academic/Civil.htm

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is the application of physical principles to the creation of useful devices, objects and machines. Mechanical engineers use principles such as heat, force, and the conservation of mass and energy to analyze static and dynamic physical systems, in contributing to the design of things such as automobiles, aircraft, and other vehicles, heating and cooling systems, household appliances, industrial equipment and machinery, weapons systems, etc.

The course Syllabus can be found at http://www.annauniv.edu/academic/Mech.htm