A non profit organization

There was an On-Campus Recruitment Drive for a Trivandrum-based Software Company called Srishti Innovative Computer Systems P Ltd., held in our campus on 20th April 2013. Nearly 30 students participated in this drive – 11 Students from ECE, 14 Students from CSE, & 5 Students from IT. The selection process for software professionals was of 3 stages – namely, On-line Test, Technical Interview & Final Interview in the company premises.


After the presentation about the company, there was an On-line Test conducted for all the participants by the company officials. The short-listed students were 12. And these students attended the Technical Interview. After the Technical Interview, seven students got selected for the Final Interview. Of these 7 short-listed candidates, the following 4 students were selected for Software Trainees:: 1) Alex John Wright, ECE, 2) D. Hemath Kumar, CSE, 3) V. Kalaivani, IT, 4) D. Kishore, IT. The following three students got selected for Marketing Positions: 1) T. Sindhuja, CSE, 2) K. Fathima Nachiyar, CSE, & 3) C. Punithavalli, IT.


However, for the Final Interview which was held on 17th May 2013 in the company premises, only two students attended – D. Hemanth Kumar, CSE, & D. Kishore, IT. Ultimately, it was D. Hemanth Kumar, CSE, who got selected as Software Engineer by the Company.