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This is to inform that there is a Recruitment Drive for Voltech Group of Companies to be held in our campus. Following are the details:


  • Name of the Company: Voltech Group of Companies, Chennai

  • Date for Recruitment: 6th March 2013

  • Eligibility Criteria: Final Year B.E. Students of Civil, Mech, EEE, & ECE

  • Annual Salary: 1.44 lakhs, subject to revision to a better scale, after good performance of the candidates

  • Requirements in 2013-2014: Civil: 20 Engineers, Mech: 35 Engineers, EEE: 230 Engineers, & ECE: 35 Engineers

  • Selection Process: 1) General Aptitude (45 multiple choice questions), 2) Technical Test (45 multiple choice questions on the respective subject), 3) HR Interview, 4) Issue of Letter of Intent, after the acceptance of commercial terms and conditions

  • Technical Training, after Selection of Candidates: 72 Hours, after the Completion of University Exams

  • Appointment as Graduate Engineer: will be issued only after the successful completion of the training programme