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NSKBuilders Pvt Ltd wanted to recruit some of our Final Year Students of Civil Engineering. Hence, as per their direction, written test was conducted for Final Year Civil Engg Students. Only 16 students turned up out of a total of 51 students in Civil Engg. These students appeared for the written test. The test papers were consequently sent to the company for evaluation. After scrutiny, two of the following students have been selected for appointment – 1) V. Nethaji, 2) B. Ramesh. However, the following 5 students are selected for personal interview in the company premises – 1) Thiyagarajan, 2) Sureshkumar, 3) P. Siva, 4) K. Mathiyalagan, & 5) V. Prakash. The students who are on the waiting list are 1) Sathish Kannan, 2) K. Sathish Kumar, 3) S. Kamalakannan, 4) K. Anbarasan, 5) R. Ananda Babu, 6) K. Muniswara Manikandan, 7) P. Gowtham Kumar, 8) K. Azarudin, & 9) A. Bayas Khan.


NSKBuilders Pvt Ltd wanted Final Year Diploma Students of Mechanical Engineering to be selected as Machine Operators – particularly to handle mechanical engineering devices being used in construction activities. In response to their request, we furnished them a list of 21 students who hail from poor background and who have more arrears to clear. The monthly salary as promised by them is Rs.9000/- for these students from Mech Engg background. Of the 21 students, they selected 10 students for their immediate requirement. The salary they promised to pay these students is Rs.9000/- for each of them.

The list of selected students from Mech Engg are 1) S.Muthukumar, 2)Y.CharlesStephen, 3)A.Paulraj, 4)S.JohnRajkumar, 5)C.Muthupandi, 6)R.Rajkumar, 7)M.PraveenKumar, 8)A.Karthicknathan, 9)R.MohanRam, & 10)S.Raviprasanth.

There are 11 students who are in the waiting list, and they are 1) P. Gunalan, 2) S.R. Radhakrishnan, 3) U. Ramakrishnan, 4) K. Ranjith, 5) P. Sabari Karthick, 6) S. Dinesh Sunder, 7) B. Vigneshpandian, 8) M. Mukesh, 9) S. Manoj Parry, 10) S. Rajkumar, & 11) J. Johnathan Gilbert.