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There was an on-campus recruitment drive for Solamalai Automobiles Pvt Ltd., which was held on 13th March 2012. It was the HR Manager Sri S. Justin Renald who came to our campus for recruitment. Final Year Students of Mechanical Engg., & EEE, from Vickram Polytechnic College, participated in the drive.

There was a presentation about the company -- selection process, salary structure, & the work environment, which was given by Sri S. Justin Renald. The selection was for the positions of Sales Executive/Service Executive in two sectors – namely, 1) Service Sector, & 2) Sales Sector. Twenty students from Vickram Polytechnic College attended the interview. Around 2.00 p.m., the selection process was over. Following is the name of a student who got selected for appointment in Solamalai Automobiles Pvt Ltd.:


S.No. Reg. No. Name of the Student Branch Domain to Work in
1 10237786 Vinoth Kumar, V. DME Service Sector