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There was an On-Campus Recruitment Drive conducted on 10th March 2012 for the benefit of Final Year Diploma Students of Vickram Polytechnic College. The eligible candidates are those from Mech, Automobile, & EEE. The company which made the recruitment is Rane (Madras) Ltd., Chennai. Nearly 58 students attended the drive. The selection process consisted of Pre-Placement Talk, GD, Technical & HR Interview.

The HR Manager of the company Sri Govindasamy addressed the students about the company, and the salary structure, and other benefits of working in the organization – accommodation and food. In the selection process, the following students got through, and they were issued offer letters in the presence of the Principal Mrs.Ranga Bai, Director S.R. Vijayshrenivas and the Company:

S.No. Name of the Student Branch
1 Anbinraj, S. Mech
2 Arunkumar, V. Mech
3 Charles Stephan, V. Mech
4 Dhinesh Sundhar, S. Mech
5 Dinesh, M. Mech
6 Gunalan, P. Mech
7 Maheswaran, C. Mech
8 Manoj Parry, R. Mech
9 Mithun Kumar, S. Mech
10 Mohamed Sithik, J. Mech
11 Mohan Ram, R. Mech
12 Mukesh, M. Mech
13 Muthumari, P. Mech
14 Muthupandi, C. Mech
15 Pandimohan, S. Mech
16 Paulraja, A. Mech
17 Rajkumar, R. Mech
18 Rajkumar, S. Mech
19 Ram Vignesh, A. Mech
20 Ramakrishnan, U. Mech
21 Ranjith, K. Mech
22 Ravi Prasanth, S. Mech
23 Sabari Karthick, P. Mech
24 Surendar, S. Mech
25 Vetrivel, K. Mech
26 Ajeez Rahman, S. Mech
27 Ashok Kumar, M. Mech
28 Jonathan Gilbert, J. Mech
29 Lakshmanan, P. Mech
30 Mohammed Dhasen, B. Mech
31 Robin Samuel, A. Mech
32 Sooraj, T.R. Mech
33 Vijay, L. Mech
34 Yaswanth, B. Mech
35 Balasubramanian, D. Auto
36 Jayabalaji, A. Auto
37 Rathinavel Pandian, S. Auto
38 Srinivasan, P. Auto
39 Marimuthu, M. Auto
40 Srinath, N. Auto
41 Abdulsamadu, N. EEE
42 Bestin Maria Sandanam, A. EEE
43 Javid, A. EEE
44 Mohamed Thalha, M. EEE
45 Murugan, S. EEE
46 Rajamurugan, E. EEE
47 Rajthilak, B. EEE
48 Sarath Kumar, R. EEE
49 Satheeswaran, D. EEE
50 Shanmuganathan, T. EEE
51 Srivathsangan, P. EEE
52 Veerapandian, B. EEE
53 Vignesh, N. EEE
54 Vignesh, R. EEE
55 Vigneshwaran, S. EEE
56 Deepan Arasu, M. EEE
57 Saravana Kumar, A. EEE